YouTubers: An Analysis of YouTubers Potential in a Marketing Strategy

Cecilie Frydkjær Frandsen

Student thesis: Master thesis


The growth in social media in both size and strength is tremendous and due to the digitisation of various communication platforms, people can express themselves using social media platforms. The scope for this Master Thesis is based upon one of these platforms, called YouTube, which is a video sharing site. It is different compared to other social media platforms, as it offers a unique communication- and sharing service, where video content is uploaded and shared. Together with the appearance of YouTube, role models are emerging as new opinion leaders. They have been named YouTubers. YouTubers have many areas of interest and contributes with their personal view on society and the surrounding world. This Thesis will focus on one area, which is Cosmetics. Videos are produced and videos are uploaded, containing everything from recommendations, to reviews and how-to recipes around products and brands on Cosmetics. The YouTubers have created a new phenomenon within YouTube, where they heavily influencing the buying behaviour of the consumers who in YouTube terms are called Subscribers. YouTubers become a powerful factor for the associated companies as the consumers are using them extensively to collect information about brands and products as part of their decision process to buy. The objective for this Thesis is therefore an attempt to understand this new phenomenon through different theories and empirical studies. The Thesis starts with an analysis of the current situation around the growing focus in getting the consumers attention in context of YouTube. After that, a netnographical analysis, which includes an analysis of the relationship between the YouTuber and the subscriber, is made. How this influences the consumer behaviour is put in context of the results of the investigation. This gives the YouTuber a centralised power, where the influence on the consumer is comparative, it is normative and it is informative, where the latter stems from what is called electronic Word Of Mouth (eWOM). The subscriber mirrors the YouTuber and is influenced by the narrative from the YouTuber. As a result, it is increasingly important that companies understand this framework and embrace it. In order to optimise and to take advantage of this framework, the recommendation in this Thesis is to use an Influencer Marketing strategy. This strategy proposes to undertake a mutual process of creating value between the YouTuber and the company. The Thesis will finally describe different tactical measures on how a close collaboration between a company and a YouTuber can be. The Thesis will attempt, through the investigation of this phenomenon and the tactical recommendation, to create an understanding of the trends, which influences the consumer and by that recommend, how companies can include this in their marketing strategy, in order to act in an increasingly more competitive market, where the consumer has arrogated power.

EducationsMSc in Economics and Marketing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages114