Working with Influencer Marketing and how to Improve the Use

Simon Staal Hansen & Fanny Klintholt Madsen

Student thesis: Master thesis


Background: The way companies interact with consumers have drastically changed, following an explosion of commercial messages and touch points resulting in an overload of information directed towards the consumer. This means that consumers are more selective when engaging with companies, making it more difficult for companies to get in contact with potential customers. The combination of multiple messages from companies and a changing behavior of consumers, has resulted in an increased focus on creating engaging and authentic content that captures the interest of consumers. One solution is through influencer marketing. Purpose: Driven by the lack of a suitable way of understanding influencer marketing, the purpose of this thesis is to examine in what way Danish companies are working with influencer marketing and how they can achieve an additional potential. Furthermore, we want to understand how they are incorporating the customer experience and if their work with influencers are strategically grounded. Methodology: First, a theoretical analysis will lay the foundation for a new way of understanding influencer marketing and its origin. Second, we examine how Danish companies are working with influencer marketing based on both quantitative and qualitative data. Finally, we look at how Danish companies can work with influencers in a way that makes sure that the potential is fully incorporated. Findings: In their work with influencer marketing, Danish companies are focusing on creating awareness and purchase, rather than engagement and loyalty from their customers. Furthermore, if Danish companies work strategically with influencers and involve them in the development of campaigns, they can operate with less control and be more flexible in the work process. Based on the analysis, we conclude that Danish companies can gain more benefits from working with influencer marketing by integrating the entire customer experience involving both pre-, core- and post-phase of the customer journey. In doing so, companies are able to bring together all communication through careful planning based on an overall strategic approach. This is done through establishing a long-term, relationship-based collaboration with influencers, which allows companies to respond quickly to changes in their environment.

EducationsMSc in Organisational Communication, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2018
Number of pages112