Western Luxury Products' Popularity Amongst Chinese Luxury Consumers

Elizabeth Gawel

Student thesis: Master thesis


First, I have chosen to analyse Chinese consumer behavior in terms of values and cultural differences. In order to understand the values that lie behind consumer behavior, the thesis applies theories from Inglehart and Ulrich Beck. Then, the thesis looks further at Chinese consumer behavior in terms of what luxury stores in Copenhagen are doing to attract Chinese consumers to their shops. Here I have included qualitative interviews from both Chinese customers and the shopkeepers’ own strategies when dealing with Chinese customers. Finally, I have chosen to analyse the Danish luxury brand Birger Christensen and their strategies to enter the Chinese luxury market. Here I look further at Birger Christensen as a brand and what they need to do to succeed on the Chinese market. In order to understand the cultural challenges that Birger Christensen might face, when entering the Chinese market, this part of the thesis uses Trompenaars cultural dimensions. In the conclusion I imply that there are certain cultural factors that influence the Chinese consumer behavior, such as guanxi (relation), mianzi (face) and gift giving. In terms of the shopkeepers' strategies towards their Chinese customers I conclude, that there is still a lack of real marketing strategy towards this group, but that it will change when more Chinese tourists will travel to Copenhagen. A larger number of shops will then start to think more strategically in terms of attracting more of the Chinese customers. In the third part I conclude, that Birger Christensen has a growing potential on the Chinese market, but that they have to consider the cultural differences in order to have success in China. They have to consider the linguistic differences as well as creating a story behind their brand, in order to reach more of the Chinese luxury consumers, here segmentation is also important, where they have to choose the right marketing strategy for their Chinese luxury consumers.

EducationsMA in International Business Communication (Intercultural Marketing), (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages71
SupervisorsPer Durst-Andersen