Viljestyrke i organisationer: Et speciale om hvordan ledere kan fokusere p˚a viljestyrke

Melissa B. Lykkehus & Mette K. Møllemand

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis investigates how willpower exists in the organizational context, as well as how leaders from a neuroa↵ective leadership perspective can focus on and build up experience with willpower in organizations. To examine this, six qualitative interviews were conducted with leaders on various levels in different organizations. To understand willpower in the organizational context, a theoretical investigation of defining willpower was conducted and used to analyze the qualitative interviews. Based on these findings, neuroaffective leadership theory, with special emphasis on three mentalization tools, was analyzed using willpower theory and the qualitative interviews. Combining the findings of the thesis, a focus model was developed contributing to a method on how leaders can focus on and gain experience with willpower in organizations.
Through the analysis it was found that willpower can possibly be seen through the behaviors and oral statements of employees, however it was also found that leaders have no experience with focusing on willpower and find it dicult to define willpower, why willpower currently is an inactive concept in leaders leadership practice in organizations. Furthermore it was found that leaders can focus on willpower by positioning themselves in an observational and participating position using the mentalization tools the ”three invisible connectors”, ”the big and the little blade”and the ”intervention spectrum”.
Based on a discussion of the findings it is concluded that willpower might be seen through behavior and oral statements but more research is needed to establish this. Furthermore, it cannot be rejected that willpower might be an active concept in organizations due to the limited data, why more research is needed on this matter. Moreover it is concluded that neuroaffective leadership theory seems to positively contribute to a way of how leaders can focus on willpower in organizations, however it can pose diculties for leaders in practice. Finally the theoretical developed focus model should be tested to establish the usability of the model in practice.

EducationsMSc in Psychology, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2018
Number of pages127