Victoria's Secret: An Explorative Study of Victoria's Secret's Internationalization Strategy

Nanna Tegen Møller Nielsen

Student thesis: Master thesis


Victoria’s Secret is an iconic lingerie brand with more than 1.600 stores worldwide (L Brands Inc., 2019b). Despite being recognized as a lingerie brand, the core product can only be purchased in relatively few stores outside the United States. Instead, consumers around the world are left with small concept stores called Victoria’s Secret Beauty & Accessories (VSBA), stores that only focus on beauty products. Guided by a general curiosity to understand the purpose of Victoria’s Secret’s choice of strategy, this thesis explore how Victoria’s Secret’s alternative strategy affects consumers’ perception of the brand. More specifically, the focus will be on how the brand is perceived in Denmark, when the core product is not a part of the offered portfolio. The research is conducted based on eight semi-structured interviews with consumers living in Denmark. The thesis finds that Victoria’s Secret’s alternative strategy was not well received by the respondents. The strategy created a combination of frustration and wonder in the respondents mind. However, these frustrations were limited to the beauty products, thereby meaning that the respondents disregarded the beauty products in their purchase decision. Despite the frustration, most of the respondents were still willing to purchase the underwear from Victoria’s Secret. Thus, the frustrations were not transferred on the underwear part of the brand. The findings provide several valuable and actionable insights into Danish consumers’ purchase decision in regards to beauty products and underwear that potentially could improve Victoria’s Secret’s position on the Danish market, if implemented. Moreover, the findings provide valuable insight for other brands entering the Danish beauty or underwear market.

EducationsMSc in Brand and Communications Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2019
Number of pages138