Vejen til større udnyttelse af vækst og branding for Forening Gourmet Bornholm

Aleksander York Horner

Student thesis: Diploma thesis


There’s a lot to be said for Bornholm, which, thanks to a new generation of entrepreneurs and creative spirits, is fast becoming Scandinavia’s newest culinary hotspot.” that is how BBC travel in company with Michelin chef Nicolai Nørregaard from the restaurant Kadeau, describe Bornholm as a food hotspot1. The fresh air and incredible nature surrounded by gourmet restaurants makes Bornholm a popular place for a big scare of tourism from both Germany, Sweden and of course the rest of Denmark. The island is such a popular destination that Condé Nast Traveler, the world's biggest travel magazine, elected Bornholm as Europe's second-best vocational island in 2019.2 How the Island interacts with creative disciplines has made a lot of products developed on the island iconic and is seen by the public as high quality. Furthermore, it has given the island the price and honor as being Europe's first craft region ever.3 Bornholm has also built itself so much attention that “National Geographic” has involved Bornholm in their portrait of Denmark in the series “Europe seen from above” where the food provider Lehnsgaard participates.4 “A decade ago, Bornholm – about a 30-minute flight from Copenhagen – attracted mostly Danish visitors in the form of kids on school outings and pensioners looking for a beach holiday. Today, however, it’s fast becoming one of Scandinavia’s coolest culinary hotspots, and is getting noticed by Danish star chefs, including René Redzepi who forages there for his Noma kitchen (and has just co- launched a foraging app called Vild Mad – for Apple and Android – with Bornholm nature advisor Thomas Guldbæk)”.5 Bornholm is without a doubt in a developing era. The same is the food industry on Bornholm. The industry association Gourmet Bornholm has in these years experienced a growth in the number of members. The benefits like good quality products and the branding of Bornholm are criteria for a high development potential. Why not try to reach wider than the main focus of Bornholm. That is what this project will try to figure out.

EducationsHD Business, (Diploma Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date11 Aug 2023
Number of pages76