Værdiskabelse for patienten gennem et nyt videncenter for immunrelaterede bivirkninger

Vibeke Parner

Student thesis: Master executive thesis


Background: The department of oncology is structured into stand alone units each specialized in treatment of specific cancer types. The structure is a result of ongoing focus on treatment mastery with respect to the different specific cancer types. As a result each team posseses the highest degree of knowledge currently available with respect to their area and until now this has been the natural way of structuring the work to maximize the quality of outcome. With the introduction of immunotheraphy as a treatment option to several cancer types existing expert knowledge now needs to be transferred from one specific team to others. In order to do so a new center concerning immunotheraphy related side-effect is being planned. Aim: This thesis focus on the very early strategyproces in which a coalitions to conduct the strategy will be made. Aknowleding the many obstacles a strategy can faced I will disclose different levels of power and different types of motivation among members of the coalition in order to gain in-sight about how to lead the strategyproces to come. Theory: For the analysis I have used theory by Mitchell regarding stakeholder management, by Fogsgaard regarding the triangle of power with specific focus on structural, personal and discursive power and finally by Le Grand regarding intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Methods and analysis: Using a phenomenological approach data have been collected and analyzed with specific focus on power manifestations and motivational factors through participating observation, un-structured and semi-structured interviews. Afterwards data have been analyzed using the theoretical approach and leadership guidelines have been extracted. Conclusion: the data revieled large differences in structural, personal and discursive power among members of the coalition as well as differences according to motivation leaving a large field of tension to approach in the leading process going towards the establishment of a new knowledge center for immunorelated side-effects.

EducationsMaster of Public Governance, (Executive Master Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2018
Number of pages45
SupervisorsMichael Pedersen