Udvikling eller afvikling? Et Perspektiv på Eroderingen af Kollektivismen som Kerneværdi for den Danske Arbejdesmarkedsmodel

Albert Birk Morgen, Christian Dahl Christensen & Jeppe Valdemar Kaysen

Student thesis: Master thesis


This master’s thesis examines the gradual shift of the foundational values of the danish labour market model. Within the scope of business administration and philosophy, the thesis explores the current state of the labour market model, with emphasis on the challenges that it currently faces. The thesis is grounded on the discrepancy between an observed support and will to sustain the labour market model, while most of the current academic literature highlights the impact of the challenges and the possibility of a forthcoming dissolution of the model. In defining the labour market model, the fundamental conditioning values of collectivism and organization, are ensuring its functionality and existence. The thesis explores the consequences of substituting these core values with individualism and liberty. Working with a qualitative methodology, the thesis highlights five fundamental challenges that the model faces, while simultaneously underpinning the importance of politic influence in the existence of these challenges. Throughout the thesis’ analysis the gradual substitution of values is brought to light by invoking a theoretical framework consisting of John Locke, André Gorz, Michel Foucault, Gary Becker, and Paul Pierson. The analysis argues that the challenges that the labour market model faces are constituted in an overall narrative of the transition of values. Furthermore, it is argued that certain political decisions can be understood as being the facilitator of the incitements that creates the labour market models’ challenges. The thesis concludes, that if the individual does not come to view the collective as a necessity for the model, the model could potentially be demolished

EducationsMSc in Philosophy, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2021
Number of pages101
SupervisorsKurt Jacobsen