Turnover in IT Consultant Companies

Thea Røed Haugan

Student thesis: Master thesis


In the labor market today, it is clear that employees with specialized IT competencies change jobs quickly, especially in consultant companies. It is also a tendency that young employees change jobs quite rapidly compared to other generations. The mechanisms behind employee turnover are varied and complex, and depend on organizational and personal variations. The issue regarding employee turnover is often viewed as a problem for the company, and something that is important for HR to address. Compared to inhouse companies, there exists limited research on why highly specialized IT-consultants leave IT consulting firms, and what the consulting companies should do to accomodate this trend. Through an inductive method, I was able to analyse the potential reasons for IT-specialists leaving the consultant company. A phenomenological and hermeneutic perspective was used to both understand and describe the phenomena, but also to interpret a deeper meaning in the data material. The study involved a qualitative methodology, including semi structured interviews with 10 IT-specialists. Findings show that today's IT-consultants have a need for autonomy, co-determination and psychological ownership in their work situation to experience satisfaction at work. These key factors describe the main reasons for the consultants intention to leave or stay in the company. IT-consultants with specialized competencies need to feel that they are able to use their skills through creative problem solving, make decisions, and be a part of the project from beginning to end.

EducationsMSc in Human Resource Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2021
Number of pages95