Towards a Sustainable Brand: A Case Study on the Role and Future of Artefact

Marina Øster Rosenqvist & Ditte Braagaard Hartfelt

Student thesis: Master thesis


Ever since it has been recognized that while humankind has flourished, the environment has been facing significant concerns. As a result, consumers have become increasingly prone to ethical consumerism, demanding that their clothes do not harm the environment or the workers who created them. WOOD WOOD is trying to establish a business case for its resale initiative ARTEFACT in this volatile environment. Within this context, we investigate how WOOD WOOD and its belonging ARTEFACT initiative can benefit from the sustainability wave in the secondhand clothing industry regarding consumers’ shopping behaviors and motivation. To do this, we apply themes of branding, circular economy, consumer psychology, and consumer behavior. The methodology is based on the pragmatic approach and incorporates answers from 4 focus groups, 3 elite interviews, and a survey with 311 responses. The collected data is analyzed through methods of abduction, correlation coefficients, and frequency analyses. Our findings show that a significant barrier for WOOD WOOD’s and ARTEFACT’s success is WOOD WOOD’s perceived relevance and the perceived disorderliness of secondhand clothes consumption. Further, sustainability along with price, are the main factors driving secondhand clothes consumption. Moreover, we find that consumer motivation takes many forms in fashion and secondhand consumption and that the current ARTEFACT initiative has many weaknesses, most prominently regarding the take-back system and adoption factors. Consequently, we present 8 action points for WOOD WOOD that have the overall purpose of closing attitude-behavior gaps, enhancing ARTEFACTS brand identity, and establishing WOOD WOOD as a relevant brand for its target group.

EducationsMSc in Brand and Communications Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2021
Number of pages129
SupervisorsJesper Clement