Thoughts on Speculative Design and Object-Oriented-Ontology for Futures Speculation

Sara Baldo

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis is located in a cross-over domain between philosophy and design practice. Within design activities, different methods and tools can be employed, and theory can be more or less present. The specific thread embraced and analysed is that of Speculative Design. An experimental relationship between the latter and Object-Oriented-Ontology (OOO) is established, aiming at creating a potential practice with the depth of a (design) philosophy. The aim is to speculate on a potential implication of the coupled movements. In matching Object-Oriented-Ontology and Speculative Design, this thesis necessarily goes through their respective strengths and weaknesses. In order to do so, this thesis does not pursue a theoretical exhaustion, or the creation of a contribution to the body of theory. The wish is to open a debate for further developments, and hopefully practical experimentations. To date, there are limited impacts of the practical adoption of OOO into the realm of design-knowledge and design practices. Many of which relegated to the art world. This thesis takes the relationship further, to investigate how ObjectOriented-Ontology axioms can actively interact with the expressive field of Speculative Design, to create opportunities for practical speculation in learning environments. It wagers on the role of artefacts’ creation as a path to exploration for preferable futures, where the perspective offered by OOO is a necessary basis for worthwhile and effective progressions.

EducationsMSocSc in Strategic Design and Entrepreneurship, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2020
Number of pages75
SupervisorsRobin Holt