The Value & Applicability of eSports as an Experiential Marketing Tool: A Case Study of Automobili Lamborghini

Patrick Mac Cabe & Lorenzo Marzi

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis sets out to explore the emerging concept of eSports and whether it can generate value as an experiential marketing tool for Automobili Lamborghini. In order to determine its value, key theories from the relevant literature streams of luxury brand management, experiential marketing and brand equity were merged in a conceptual framework developed by the authors. Due to the academic novelty of the concept of eSports, the research takes on both an explorative and explanative nature, in order to provide a comprehensive and reliable foundation for the analysis. The analysis is based upon data collected through the staging of two experiential eSports events and five interviews with eSports experts. The results of the analysis strongly indicate the capacity of eSports to generate value for Automobili Lamborghini, as the brand event experience, comprising the five strategic experiential module, significantly increased the level of post-event brand equity within the studied sample. Thus, it was reasoned, Automobili Lamborghini should apply eSports as an experiential marketing tool through developing a mono-brand racing competition. In a broader managerial perspective, the results strongly indicate eSports should be taken seriously as a marketing tool capable of providing valuable experiences.

EducationsMSc in International Marketing and Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2018
Number of pages174
SupervisorsTore Kristensen