The Role of Rationality: A Stakeholder Management It-security Case Analysis of Rationality in Decision-making

Rasmus West Nordskilde

Student thesis: Master thesis


To obtain efficient stakeholder management, it is needed to have an understanding of decisionmaking. Among the concepts affecting decision-making is rationality, and therefore it is important to know the role of rationality in decision-making. To understand the role of rationality in decisionmaking, the thesis has done a case analysis of it-security. The case of it-security was chosen as a general example of decision-making, because it was seen as being able to showcase an examination of the theoretical concepts of rationality. The results of the analysis pointed to ecological rationality as best describing the role of rationality. Thereby the analysis suggests that decision-making is largely rational, but within boundaries of limitation. The non-rationality concepts rather came to deliver comfort after satisficing had been conducted. This leads to the need for further studies on how to best take precautions of ecological rationality when executing stakeholder management. To give perspective to the conclusions, it was recommended to expand trials on nudging, where specific attention was put on circumventing opposing ecological rationalities.

Educations, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2017
Number of pages78