The Relationship Influencer-Teenager. Exploring its relation with Brand attitude and Brand credibility on Generation Z

Marina Azlor Barrera

Student thesis: Master thesis


Today’s teenagers belong to Generation Z, a generation known for being the first one to grow up with smartphones having therefore a big presence in social media. And it is through social media that they are in contact with their favourite influencers. Influencer marketing happens to be at its best moment: firms keep investing in these new figures, but what is it known about them? Both, Generation Z and influencers happen to be so new in the market, that they are surrounded by question marks. The present thesis aims at understanding the nature of the relationship between the influencer and the teenager, and its relation with brand credibility and brand attitude. In order to do so, this study will carry five in-depth interviews followed by an online questionnaire (N=88) among Spanish teenagers. Results show that the teenagers see influencers rather as peers than media, and that the strength of the relationship has an influence in influencer credibility, brand credibility and brand attitude. Taking a closer look into the elements that construct the perceived relationship is suggested as further research. Keywords: Generation Z, influencer marketing, relationship influencer-teenager, influencer credibility, brand credibility, brand attitude

EducationsMSc in Brand and Communications Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2019
Number of pages119