The Political Economy of Chinese Eco-cities: The Case of Chongming Eco-island

Bonnie Smedegaard Roy & Caroline Bjørn Larsen

Student thesis: Master thesis


This study will provide a background for understanding the emergence of eco-cities in China and examine the political economy drivers of Chinese eco-city developments. The case of Chongming Eco-Island, a large island in the Yangtze River Delta under the jurisdiction of Shanghai, will be the focus of the analysis, which seeks to arrive at an understanding of how ideas, structural factors, institutions and stakeholders has affected the development of Chongming Eco-Island since the project commenced in the late 1990s. The study finds Chongming Eco-Island to be embedded in complex interactions of the above-mentioned drivers and as such, the main value of this study lies in the fact that it provides a comprehensive basis for exploring more narrow topics within the context of eco-city development in China.

EducationsMSc in Business, Language and Culture - Business and Development Studies, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2018
Number of pages122
SupervisorsKjeld Erik Brødsgaard