The Never-ending Process of Improving DevOps Maturity: A Longitudial Paired-case Study of Maturing DevOps within Organizations

Nikolaj Falk Jonassen & Niklas Sachs Tastum

Student thesis: Master thesis


The concept of DevOps, a cultural movement and technical solution that combines development and operations, has gained considerable interest from practitioners since its introduction 2009. The increased attention is grounded in the exceptional value proposition that DevOps promises. However, organizations still lack practical evidence on the adoption and maturing of DevOps. Motivated by the increased attention on DevOps, this thesis investigates how organizations can mature their DevOps approach through a longitudinal paired-case study of two Danish organizations. Based on 26 interviews with various IT professionals, we adopt a maturity model and process theory to facilitate a broader understanding of DevOps and the processes within. We not only identify several drivers and capabilities that can mature an organization's DevOps approach but also contribute to the existing research by defining crucial challenges and pitfalls associated with DevOps. Our research pioneers the discussion of whether organizations can become too DevOps mature. This discussion contributes to a critical view of maturity models that may assist individual organizations in assessing the optimal level of maturity.

EducationsMSc in Business Administration and Information Systems, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2020
Number of pages123
SupervisorsTill J. Winkler