The Integration of Refugees into the Swedish Labor Market: Connecting Ambidexterity and the Refugee Crisis

Wendy Magnusson & Clara Stjernswärd

Student thesis: Master thesis


This research investigates why Swedish companies should use ambidexterity to integrate refugees into their organisation. Integrating refugees into companies’ business practices is a novel way for companies to respond to the immigration crisis that Sweden is currently facing, whilst simultaneously being ambidextrous. By combining two previously separate concepts, of ambidexterity and immigration, this thesis presents an entirely new framework based on the two. The framework presents a structure of how organisations can use ambidexterity to incorporate refugees into their organisation. We conduct an abductive study based on four case companies. Via in-depth-interviews of organisations from different business-sectors we strive to create an accurate representation of the current climate that refugees are currently facing in the Swedish job market. Further, by utilising a qualitative research approach we explored the views, interpretations and standpoints of the case companies. Based on the analysis of our data we present three generalizable motivations for organisations to take in refugees into their companies: (1) Integrating refugees into the organisation creates a diverse workforce, (2) Refugees create new business opportunities for organisations, (3) Integrating refugees into the workforce integrates them into the Swedish society

EducationsMSc in Management of Innovation and Business Development, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages163
SupervisorsAnnette Risberg