The Emotional Journey Towards Increased Consumer Involvement

Malene Toldam Schultzer

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis takes point of departure within the field of consumer neuroscience, which has its origin in neuroscience, behavioural economics and social psychology (Genco, Pohlmann, & Steidl, 2013). The research field seeks to understand how emotions impact purchasing behaviour (Va, 2015). The purpose of this thesis is to investigate how Trollbeads A/S can increase consumer involvement in their newsletters through measurements of emotions generated when exposed to these?” Trollbeads is chosen as case company, as the company finds it challenging to reach its’ 20-30 year old female segment effectively. ‘Consumer involvement’ is defined as a company’s ability to trigger the motivational factors influencing consumer behaviour and loyalty towards a certain brand (Beatty, Kahle, & Homer, 1988). Emotions are measured through proxies of visual attention. Eye-tracking is selected as neuroscientific research method in the experiment, based on methodological inspiration from earlier studies by Va (2015) and Holmqvist (2011). The thesis focuses on online newsletters as this touch point enables continuous interaction between the company and its’ consumers and thereby a way to increase consumer involvement (Maslowska, Putte, & Smit, 2011). The theoretical framework for this thesis is a combined model, based on the Moment of Truth (MOT) theory (Lecinski, 2011) and the personalization process (Vesanen & Raulas, 2006). The MOT theory explains interactions and interdependencies among a company’s touch points and its consumers, and the personalization process is used as analytical framework, since it enables a narrow focus on a single touch point, online newsletters. The innovation sweet-spot model (Genco, Pohlmann, & Steidl, 2013) is used to illustrate key findings from the experiment. The main finding is that seeing images that trigger emotional arousal increases consumer involvement. The conclusion is that measurements of emotions can be used as a tool to improve marketing content to increase consumer involvement. Through the implications it is explained how Trollbeads A/S can explore the consumer data generated on their website as well as how significant consumer insights could be retained by measuring emotions. It has thereby provided an understanding of the importance of personalized marketing content in order to increase consumer involvement. This thesis adds relevant findings to the pool of knowledge within consumer neuroscience, it is still a relatively new field of study and has a multitude of topics that still needs to be explored in order to increase the overall understanding of how neuroscience can complement existing research methods to understand consumer behaviour and preferences. Key Words: Emotions, Marketing, Eye-tracking, Newsletter, Consumer Neuroscience, Consumer Behaviour

EducationsCand.merc.smc Strategic Market Creation, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages161