The Effect of Service Advertising Through YouTube Influencers on Consumer Behavior: Analysis in Lithuanian Market

Daina Svegzdaite

Student thesis: Master thesis


The invention of the Internet has changed peoples’ lives. Most of us cannot even imagine living without it anymore. At the same time new technologies have changed how companies connect with the customers. With the emergence of the Internet there has been the growing number of ways companies can meet their customers at diverse phases, though different channels as for example social media. Thus, helping companies to reach more customers than ever before by employing the most impactful word of mouth and the latest trend influencer marketing on those platforms. Hence, the purpose of the thesis was to investigate the effect of service advertising via YouTube platform’s influencers on consumer behavior in Lithuanian market. In order to do so, qualitative research was carried collecting both primary and secondary data. To collect the data that would help to answer the research question from consumers perspective 8 qualitative semi structured interviews and netnography were done. In addition to this, YouTubers perspective was considered to be relevant to better understand the situation in Lithuania regarding this phenomenon. Hence, qualitative surveys with open questions were sent to content creators to collect the necessary information. The findings of the thesis suggest YouTubers are able to influence consumers in trying one or another service. However, the consumers barely notice or recognize service-based advertising on YouTube through YouTubers. All the interviewees have remembered and could name the product advertising and some with giving specific examples of one or a couple of products. This might be due to the fact that usually services are organically incorporated into the video or by creating a specific theme, storyline that would cover that service and that is exactly what the audience wants to see. However, the main issues that arose are trust in YouTubers, transparency, relevancy of the service and advertisement and its subjectivity. Further research paths as well as theoretical and practical implications for both YouTubers and companies are discussed.

EducationsMSocSc in Service Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2019
Number of pages69