The Constructed Employment Relationship between the Internalized Temporary Employee and the Organization

Isabella Hofman Seidenfaden

Student thesis: Master thesis


On the basis in the psychological contract theory, this thesis’ starting point is the work-relationship between the temporary internalized employee (the core employee) and the Child and Youth Administration (BUF) in Københavns Kommune. With a theoretic examination, the temporary core employees’ perceptions of the work-relationship construct and the significance of the construct to the employee organizational effort, is investigated. The methodical foundation is built on 11 quantitative interviews with 7 separate informants. The period extent for a year with 7 interviews in 2020 and 4 follow-up interviews in 2021. The method choice of qualitative interviews is based on, that the empirical results has assisted the thesis with a firsthand insight to the temporary core employees experience with the work relationship to BUF. The investigations clarify how the work relationship between the temporary core employee and the organization is constructed by the temporary core employees psychological contract shape. To this extend, how the psychological contract shape builds specific expectations to the work relation of the employer/employee. Furthermore, the investigations show that the work relationship construct is important to the degree of organizational effort from the temporary core employee is willing to assist with. If the employee experiences a lack in the employer’s willingness to fulfil to an equilibrium in the work relationship, the temporary core employee will reduce the organizational effort in the long term. The reduced organizational effort arises when the temporary core employee loses the trust to the organizations equalization of the imbalance experienced by the employee in the work relationship with the organization. An extra point of attention: The results also indicate that the employees experience of imbalance in the work relationship is caused by the organizations HR strategy – more specifically due to breaches in the temporary core employees’ psychological contract. Therefore, it can be discussed whether it is the HR strategy construct that is the cause of the temporary employees reduced organizational effort.

EducationsMSc in Human Resource Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2021
Number of pages69
SupervisorsIben Sandal Stjerne