The Business, Political and Legal Impacts of a British Exit from the European Union

Jonathan Lockwood Shortman

Student thesis: Master thesis


The title of my thesis is: What are the potential business, political and legal impacts of a ‘Brexit’ upon the European Union? I have chosen to investigate using secondary sources that I compare to Kelemen and Yencken’s theories. Kelemen’s theory is of four different varieties of disintegration in the EU. Yencken’s theory is that post Brexit, the EU would have weaker relations with third countries, particularly those which are English speaking. When conducting my thesis, first I had to determine what form of Brexit would be likely to occur, in order to accurately assess the potential impacts. I found that the most likely form of a post Brexit agreement would be a variant of the Swiss- EU agreement, with some possible single market access for the UK as well. I have exclusively used secondary data because I believe that it is both more time efficient, and has given me the best results possible. I have found that the EU will be weaker politically and economically if it was to lose the UK’s military, diplomatic and financial resources. I also find that the UK leaving the EU would be a form of disintegration. It would be a limited secession by a key member. In addition, I find that the EU would be weaker at maintaining relations with third countries post Brexit.

EducationsMSc in International Business, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages83