The Art of Innovation

Gerson Genaro Garcia Ortiz

Student thesis: Master thesis


The industry of alternative currencies has been experiencing exponential growth, which is reflected in the growth of currency initiatives around the world. An area of interest has emerged amongst academics whose aim has been to deep dive into the economic, social, and environmental benefits to their users as stated by Dodd in 2015. Current research focuses on the case of the Artmoney organization and looks at the objective of exploring what type of user value Artmoney creates as an alternative currency. This study adopted Boztepe (2007) conceptualization of user value approaches, including value as an exchange, value as a sign, and value as an experience. Moreover, her model theory postulates the unit of analysis of value and where value arises. The researcher decided to use this model of value because it was considered to possess a certain extent and match for the objective. The motivation for approaching this phenomenon prevails from the concern to foster solidarity, well-being, and equal society through currency projects. The study follows the epistemological approach of social constructivism to explore the subjective meanings stimulating the actions of stakeholders. Furthermore, an inductive approach was chosen with a strategy of data collection technique called semi-structured qualitative interviews, applied to artists, the board of directors of the Artmoney organization, a politician, and owners of shops within the Artmoney organization. The researcher evaluated the interaction of different stakeholders inside the Artmoney organization where user value emerged according to the role performed and the objective aimed. With this, the research was able to conclude and recommend that user value as a sign and user value as experience seem to be more significant, the latter includes a categorization of four types of user value: utilitarian, emotional, social, and altruistic. However, the researcher suggests further investigation with broader data collection in the field where user value inhabits as well as to study the classification of alternative currencies. Keywords: Artmoney, User Value, Alternative Currency, Money, Art, Community, Motivation, Value.

EducationsMSocSc in Organisational Innovation and Entrepreneurship , (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2019
Number of pages131
SupervisorsStina Teilmann-Lock