Temporary Meaning

Navid Baharlooie & Line Terp Deichmann

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis is motivated by a general wonder about why the self is perceived as the primary source of meaning of work, and why self-realization is the common understanding of what it entails to have a meaningful work-life. This is especially a problem because self-realization has been shown to lead to work-related disorders such as depression. However, research on the topic on the meaning of work has predominantly focused on the self as the source of meaning. The research area is in need of more comprehensive and holistic understanding of human-connectedness by integrating other-oriented and community based perspectives on how meaning is created. Therefore, the topic of this thesis is a response to self-realization by showing that meaning and the experience of meaningfulness should be understood as created in the interaction between human beings. By doing so, we also expand on the problem of understanding meaning through self-realization.

EducationsMSc in Philosophy, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2017
Number of pages111
SupervisorsRasmus Johnsen