Sustainable Luxury Brands and Millennials: Communication Strategies to Overcome the Legitimacy Issue of Sustainable Luxury Brands in the Eyes of Millennial Consumers

Francesca Feliciani & Silvia Borio

Student thesis: Master thesis


The generalised increased awareness with regard to the sustainability issue is leading to an epochal shift in the way individuals approach consumption. Millennials are displaying a growing interest and concern to the way their way of living affects the environment, especially in terms of consumption habits. As a result, brands and companies have to adapt to this shift in behaviours in order to maintain their reputation in the eyes of consumer. Simultaneously, the increasing amount of information available to the audience is insinuating a sense of scepticism in the consumers, making it difficult for brands to attain credibility and trustworthiness. This was observed to be particularly true in the case of sustainable luxury product category, given the perceived inconsistency in core values between the concept of sustainability and luxury. Acknowledged that, it is necessary for sustainable luxury brands to understand how to attain legitimacy from the consumers’ viewpoint. The aim of this research is hence to understand how millennial consumers come up with a perception of legitimacy towards sustainable luxury brands and, in particular, which factors of the communication strategies are the most appropriate to enhance this process of legitimation.

EducationsMSc in Brand and Communications Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2017
Number of pages233