Strategien i virkeligheden: Hvad sker der, når strategien rammer chefens bord?

Pernille Kapler Andersen

Student thesis: Master executive thesis


This assignment concerns the issue of strategy meeting reality through the leader’s translation and how strategy is transferred and realized in to practice. The top management of the municipality has created a strategic document, in which expectations in solving complex problems, work cross borders of the organization and with a holistic approach are described. One thing is to define a strategy, but another matter is to make it practice. The main theme is to investigate how the managers or leader of leaders transform the strategy in to practice and how the strategy is implemented. I have interviewed five leaders and used grounded theory in analysing the data and through the collection of codes created patterns of behaviour. The patterns are built in a matrix showing on a horizontal level the amount of combining strategy and practice, and on a vertical level the amount of involving employees in transforming the strategy. Using the theory of polyfonic leadership by Bettina Rennison and translation of strategy by Søren Obed Madsen I have investigated three elements in understanding strategy: the intention, the understanding and implementation of strategy. Rennison provides with different strategies in approaching paradoxes, where the leader either restrain or submit to the strategy and she shows polyfonic leadership as way to cope with the complexity of paradoxes. Obed Madsen shows different ways to translate strategy and suggest that strategy cannot be implemented, it is in fact the translation of strategy that’s being implemented. The key points of this assignment show that leaders are capable of transforming strategy into practice as long the intention of the strategy is meaningful and combines with practice, the translation of strategy is close to practice and the implementation offers a clearness in results and involvement of the organization. The strategy risk failure if the expected results are undefined and hard to understand or translate.

EducationsMaster of Public Governance, (Executive Master Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2019
Number of pages51