Strategic Marketing on Social Networking Sites: An Analysis of Social Networking Sites as a Marketing Tool in Communicating Copenhagen Main Library’s Digital Materials

Salman Tariq Janjua & Berivan Yavuz

Student thesis: Master thesis


The purpose of this thesis is to examine how Copenhagen Main Library can increase the awarenessand usage of supplied e-materials among students by using social networking sites as a marketingchannel.The library is currently facing certain exertions as executing legislative requirements,political interventions and constant budget cuts constrain the library’s movement capability. Thetechnological development has caused more people to read e-books and seek information throughdigital solutions on the Internet. Especially students are motivated and interested in using digitalsolutions in regards to their education. However, rapports suggest that the lack of knowledge maybe a barrier affecting the usage of the library’s e-materials. The abovementioned supports theexamination of a marketing strategy concerning Copenhagen Main Library’s e-materials.Based on both qualitative and quantitative data our study includes focus groups, in-depthinterviews and an online-distributed survey. The study reveals that the majority of students are notaware of the existence of e-materials supplied by the library, which underpin the need ofinformation in relation to their decision-making process. However, the study emphasized that if thelibrary supplied relevant and convenient materials with easy access pertaining particular educationalmatters, the students would be exploiting the e-materials more. Compliance of these particularproduct attributes could consequently help students create preferences and conviction in regards totheir decision-making process, and thereby increases the usage of e-materials.Copenhagen Main Library should engage in coopetition with educational institutions incontemplation of magnifying knowledge and information of the e-materials. The educationalinstitutions have established large followings on Facebook and seen as relevant in the disseminationof knowledge and awareness among students. The strategic implementation therefore focusesaround an internal project group whose primary mission is to cooperate with external co-partners inobtaining necessary knowledge of the e-materials, hence strengthening their capabilities inmarketing the materials. Subsequently the library should use the educational institution’s Facebooksites in regards to marketing the e-materials throughout informative and relevant posts.We are aware that the study does not essentially guarantee generalizability and transferability ontoother libraries because libraries across the industry supply dissimilar e-materials and managedifferent customer segments.

EducationsMSc in Economics and Marketing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages158