Strategic Innovation of CPH Airport's Business Model: How to Improve CPH Airport’s Business Model

Philip Nygård Petersen & Rasmus Røpke Bjørnlund

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis uses business modelling to examine how CPH Airport can optimize its non-aeronautical business area. The main focus is to apply Alexander Osterwalder’s value proposition canvas, with the aim to optimize the Fit between the offered value proposition and an identified customer segment. This has led to the following problem statement for the thesis “How can CPH Airport optimize its business model for its non- aeronautical business?”.
To answer the question, a combination of theory within organizational innovation and strategic marketing has been included.
The chosen theories included are Alexander Osterwalder’s theory regarding value proposition canvas, Dan Roam’s concept of the good-luck coin and lastly, David A. Aaker and Damien McLoughlin’s framework of strategic market management.
Through the findings of the customer analysis, the segment efficiency traveller is identified to be the most relevant customer segment, for optimizing the non-aeronautical business. This is because their behaviour and needs are challenging for CPH Airport’s non-aeronautical business to match. The segment wants to go through Copenhagen Airport independently as well as efficiently, and does not believe that their is a proper coherence between price and quality of the offerings in the airport. However, there is at the same time a possibility to improve these existing problems, by meeting the segments’ needs through strategic innovation.
This has led to three specific initiatives to improve CPH Airport’s non-aeronautical business by creating a stronger Fit: digitalization, automation and branding.
Digitalization through beacons can create a more efficient shopping experience, by giving the travellers offers on the go. Automated retail solutions allow the segment to shop more independently, as they can do the shopping on their own. A focus on having well-known brands in the airport can meet the chosen segment’s concerned gap between price and quality, as they know what to expect from the brand.
An important finding to be aware of is how stress among the travellers seem to ruin all desire to shop in CPH Airport. This means that the current constructions at CPH Airport can create stress for the travellers, which can limit the effect of the suggested initiatives.

EducationsMSc in Economics and Marketing, (Graduate Programme) Final ThesisMSocSc in Organisational Innovation and Entrepreneurship , (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2017
Number of pages124
SupervisorsHenrik Johannsen Duus