Strategic Branding of British Airways: Measuring the Effect Product Placement and Nudging Have on the Level of Brand Equity in British Airways in Denmark

Pernille Smith Hansen

Student thesis: Master thesis


The purpose of this paper is to examine what effect the marketing initiatives product placement and nudging have on the level of brand equity in the British airline company British Airways in Denmark. In this paper brand equity is studied from a consumer-based brand perspective in order to assess the equity as perceived by the consumers. The brand equity measured in this paper is thus not determining any financial value of the company. The hypotheses are that both nudging and product placement will have a positive effect on brand equity in BA. The development of the hypotheses is reasoned in the existing theory on brand equity, nudging and product placement. The method conducted includes two elements. Firstly the level of brand equity of British Airways has been measured through an online self-completion questionnaire. Thereafter, by conducting two different quasi-experiments of non-equivalent control group design, the results from the effects of product placement and nudging become subject to statistical analysis. The results from the questionnaire serve as a point of reference to which the results from the experiments are to be measured. Some considerations on the methodological approach will be made, suggesting that some non-random errors might have affected the measurements. The results from the statistical analysis yielded no statistical significant effects neither of the product placement nor the nudging experiment. The hypotheses can, on the basis of the research conducted in this paper, not be accepted, and therefore we have not been able to establish any significant effect as a result of the marketing initiatives. It is believed that the research conducted in this paper is valuable knowledge to British Airways and some potential future actions for the company are discussed. The conclusion hereof is that some changes in the use of the marketing initiatives could potentially be able to increase the effectiveness of the initiatives. It is also discussed whether the lack of significance is caused by other factors in BA.

EducationsCand.merc.smc Strategic Market Creation, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages105