So Close But Yet So Far Away? A Consumer Perspective on the Barriers That Hinder Swedish Fashion Companies on the Danish Market

Anna Emmy Kristina Larsson & Julia Lundström Stenudd

Student thesis: Master thesis


Despite the fact that Denmark and Sweden share a common heritage of Scandinavian design and have the mutual aim of placing Scandinavia on the global fashion scene, it has been found that some kind of barrier exists between the two fashion players as Swedish fashion companies are struggling to succeed on the Danish market. The underlying problematic area for this is unknown, and the purpose of this thesis was therefore to understand the barriers that seem to be hindering Swedish fashion companies to succeed on the Danish market. This thesis applied an abductive research approach, and in order to gain an initial understanding for aspects that could affect the problems Swedish fashion companies are facing, the theoretical areas of branding, fashion, brand COO and CET have been studied. With the help of ten semistructured interviews, insights on young Danish female fashion consumers have been gained. It was found that the four theoretical areas affect the studied Danish consumers but that they do so to varying extents, which resulted in four stereotypes. Therefore, the barrier was found in the fact that the consumers have different levels of fashion involvement, perceived importance of brand COO, tendencies of CET and the same level of perceived brand importance, leading to different combinations of these. For Swedish fashion companies to succeed on the Danish market and tackle the barrier, it was suggested that they first identify which stereotype(s) that best matches their target consumers. Insights on how these companies thereafter should adjust their brand communication strategies to best suit the stereotype(s) were then presented using the structure of business model canvases. The Swedish fashion companies must further build on these insights and customize them in order to leverage on their competitive edge.

EducationsMSc in International Marketing and Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2018
Number of pages181
SupervisorsKarin Tollin