Seriøst legende ledelse: Etablering af værdi i det tværgående samarbejde

Kim Christophersen

Student thesis: Master executive thesis


This thesis shows how it is possible to take on the task of leading horizontal and vertical motions and relations. The leadership task is driven by a narrative, guided by a clear notion of value combined with a serious playful leadership approach. The narrative has evolved based on an analysis of how the horizontal and vertical motions and relations are constituted in the Children and Youth Administration in Esbjerg Municipality. The analysis has its impetus in a systemic theory of organization and function systems. That analysis shows that there are several different organizational systems in play at the same time. Handling these different organizational systems could be taken on, with an approach that sought to abolish the paradoxical situation that exists, when there are multiple organizational systems in play at the same time. With a theoretical premise of agency, it would not be appropriate to abolish the paradox. Instead the paradoxical situation is addressed through a serious playful approach to leadership. The actions are short-term and testing, but at the same time serious as there are real attempts to deal with the situation in the daily work. Therefore, this task shows that leadership value creation is done by recognizing the organizational complexity. Acceptance of the complexity makes it possible to create a narrative based on that the value of the specific work must be extracted from the child's perspective, and that the plot of the narrative is, that the professionals must always be adaptive in their cooperation with the other professionals in the administration.

EducationsMaster of Public Governance, (Executive Master Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2019
Number of pages48
SupervisorsChrista Breum Amhøj