Revolutionizing Online Surveys Through Gamification

Adam Touhou & Mahmoud Majed Mawaad

Student thesis: Master thesis


The Internet has resulted in many different things being improved; it has evolved every aspect of our lives with optimization and ease. However, the evolution of surveys and the way they are conducted has, to some extent, remained stagnant with online surveys frequently perceived as boring and un-engaging, ultimately resulting in incorrect data collection. This study seeks to critically analyze how the concept of gamification can enhance and increase user engagement in surveys, increase data validity and trigger intrinsic motivation. The use of gamification is presented as an effort to motivate people to answer surveys in a focused manner and thus provide optimal data for researchers. Drawing upon the Self-Determination Theory and effective gamification elements such as points, rewards and badges, an experiment is put forth that analyses the user behavior of those completing gamified and non-gamified surveys. The research at hand is built upon a quantitative and qualitative data set. The quantitative data being a two-partsurvey consisting of a normal (static) and a gamified version. The qualitative data being 1-to-1 interviews with respondents who answered the two surveys. From this, the present study concludes that implementing game mechanics in a non-game context can prove beneficial to some extent if implemented correctly. Having a gamified survey can increase data validity, completion rates and drive user motivation which impacts user engagement. The quantitative data showed that only half of the participants who started a replica of the standard Google forms survey design completed it while more than ¾ completed the gamified version. Results also indicates that user engagement is higher in a semi-gamified survey as there was a higher completion rate and lower exit rate. The answers from the 1-to-1 interviews conducted indicates that the gamified version achieved a better psychological outcome - as it is was perceived as more fun and enjoyable leading to a higher degree of engagement. Overall, If implemented well, gamification can be a powerful approach to motivate people to change behaviour, develop skills and drive motivation. Harnessing the power of play can be used to make the world a better, more sustainable, and more fun place to live our lives.

EducationsMSc in Business Administration and E-business, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2018
Number of pages153