Realizing the Growth of Modest Fashion Market: The Fashion Consumption Behavior of Muslim Women in Europe

Hawra Hashem

Student thesis: Master thesis


The aim of this paper is to investigate fashion consumption behavior of millennial Muslim women (MMW) and gain deeper insights into their lived reality. This will assist fashion companies to minimize misconceptions and increase the success of marketing outcomes.
The research project will specifically look into how Muslim women living in Europe consume fashion. This preliminary research seeks to answer its research question by employing various theoretical concepts to help elucidate some aspects of MMW behavior, such as: their lifestyle, values, actual shopping behavior and their needs.
To cover these areas, the study applies a qualitative research approach consisting of social media data and 8 interviews. 6 interviews were conducted in Denmark and 2 others through the internet. The interviews were then transcribed and thoroughly analyzed via the analytical the tool, QDA miner.
The findings show that MMW living in Europe have more in common with their non-Muslim peers in Europe than their Muslim peers in Muslim majority countries. This has been a major misunderstanding by mainstream fashion brands as shown by their limited modest collections. MMW mainly shop from mainstream fashion chains rather than modest brands. MMW express clear needs for clothes which are not traditional but modern and fashionable. They demand personalization and inclusion.
Thus, marketers need to realize the importance of understanding this segment. It is recommended that marketers develop market-specific strategies for product development since MMW living in Europe have a different set of values and style from those living elsewhere. Another suggestion is to collaborate with Muslim influencers (MIs) not just for branding purposes but also for product creation. The choice of the influencer should also be market specific to match between values and style. A third recommendation is to implement MMW consumer motives in brand messaging to attract and acquire MMW as consumers.

EducationsMA in International Business Communication (Intercultural Marketing), (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2018
Number of pages98