Re-Thinking Process Support Systems in Creative Environments: The Notion of Switching

Christoffer Herlufsen, Lasse Brodt Sørensen & Rasmus Mark Greve

Student thesis: Master thesis


This paper explores how process support systems are used in creative intensive environments, as well as how the systems can adapt to the needs of the users in such settings. To do so, the concepts of business process management in creative environments, organisational and informational culture, and knowledge management in creative processes are analysed. A case, regarding a vendor and vendee of a process support system, is examined and analysed along with empirical data gathered at the case organisations. This research paper finds that in order for process support systems to adapt, to creative processes, it must allow the users to utilise supplementary systems. The paper also finds that the whole creative process does not need to be inside one system. It can be encapsulated by many different systems, as long as the end product is returned to the original process support system for further work. Moreover, it was discovered and argued how organisational culture, information culture and knowledge management are important areas when dealing with creative environments and process support systems. Along with these findings a new concept, that can help BPM and systems design deal with this, is introduced. This concept is introduced as Switching and it seeks to help business managers and scholars alike to deal with the complexities of creative processes and systems.

EducationsMSc in Business Administration and Information Systems, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2018
Number of pages223
SupervisorsMatthias Trier