Rambøll. Bright Ideas. Sustainable Change

Eray Karakoc & Nicklas Steen Bertelsen

Student thesis: Diploma thesis


The purpose of this thesis is to present an exploratory study on CSR, CSR implementation and competitive awareness in terms of sustainable solutions, within the engineering and consultancy business. The case study - Rambøll - find themselves in an interchangeable world, where new buzzwords related to sustainability are a must to comply with, if you dont wanna find yourself in the negative spotlights from the media and the public. We are going to reflect and analyze on the business strategy of Rambøll, and critical factors they must rely on for success. The basis of a mixed methodological approach was used, meaning that data is collected through an interview to manifest what is hidden, and make it visible and explicit - combining both qualitative and quantitative data. Through the interview, information was gathered about the CSR business model of Rambøll alongside their strategy, as well as the new CSR initiatives and activities. The interview was reviewed to reach an understanding of top management’s perception towards the CSR strategy in general. The aim of this report is to analyze the market for consultancy services and engineer solutions in relation to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. During our research, we analyzed the surrounding circumstances, the competition in the market and the possibilities of Rambøll. The findings have shown us how the market is set up - alongside the factors of the micro, macro and meso level. Our goal has been to enlighten Rambølls CSR-strategy, and thereby look into the impact this strategy has on their employees, suppliers and clients. Overall Rambøll has proven itself as an exciting company in regard to sustainability, and they deem it an honour to work with a business model that has sustainability and corporate social responsibility, as their main points of interests above everything else. This focus on sustainability has put a lot of demand on the whole value chain and being a part of Rambølls inner circle comes with requirements to the mindset of all individuals and partners alike, who wish to work inside the walls of Rambøll or do business with Rambøll. Rambøll is a leading star in their line of business, when it comes to sustainability. We have - through our findings - been able to conclude what Rambøll does as a company and how they manage compared to their nearest competitors. Rambøll is a company which manages to succeed above and beyond everyone else, in a field where everybody should be able to compeed

EducationsGraduate Diploma in International Business, (Diploma Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2021
Number of pages85