Partnerships -The University's Link to Business Society: An analysis on the Effect of Business Partnerships for CBS and the Student

Nino Tobias Christiansen & William Emil Milbregt

Student thesis: Master thesis


The forthcoming master thesis sets out to explore the collaboration strategy existing at Copenhagen Business School. Business schools collaborating with the business community, is not a new concept. This collaboration has existed at both Copenhagen Business Schools and international business schools for years. While we do not argue against the idea of collaboration with business society, we have been questioning, what are students’ opinions on the collaboration with external organizations and whether it has an immediate impact on a student’s choice of university or their future career. Furthermore, during our five-year study at Copenhagen Business School, there have been two major cases of companies collaborating with Copenhagen Business School, which have been publicly criticized for their actions. With those cases in mind, we decided to investigate the advantages of collaborations for a university and how a student perspective on organization’s wide collaboration could be. We therefore conducted a survey study, focusing on using quantitative methods. Our primary data is an online survey conducted in the spring of 2019. The survey was generally answered by students enrolled at Copenhagen Business School, however students enrolled at other Danish universities were also able to participate in the online survey. While our philosophy of science makes it impossible for us to create general considerations from the particular to the general, we did see tendencies that implied, students at Copenhagen Business School are satisfied with the business school’s collaboration with business society. The students at Copenhagen Business School were generally more interested in working at one or more of the ten biggest collaborative partners. Many believing that the collaboration should create job opportunities, both during and after their educational period. With the described results, we used legitimacy theory to analyze, how Copenhagen Business School could use the organizational collaboration strategy to gain legitimacy. We further investigated how a vision of being a university with strong ties to the business community must work extensively with organizational culture and stakeholder images to avoid the organizational identity becoming damaged. To finish of our analysis, we investigated the concepts of transparency. While some writers see transparency as tool for democracy, the extensive focus on transparency can create blindness and counteract the notion of transparency.

EducationsMSc in Business Administration and Organizational Communication, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2019
Number of pages138