Organizational Culture and Leadership: A Study of Relationships at a Young Workplace

Janja Monika Mikic

Student thesis: Master thesis


Organizational culture is a complex phenomenon. It is developed interactively with employees and the management, and its impact on the organization and the work life of the employees can be
significant. The meaning of work has changed, and a good life today often has to do with a good work life. By creating a specific organizational culture, the management can motivate employees to
perform strongly, while a social environment can result in friendship. This thesis seeks to explore the organizational culture within the Danish digital marketing agency Optimeo together with the internal
challenges that the culture may create.
Based on relevant literature, the thesis initially takes a theoretical approach to uncover the fields of culture, management and work life of employees. The theoretical analysis identifies challenges and
dynamics within the respective fields creating new requirements for both the management and the employees in an organization.

From the perspective of phenomenology, the thesis further conducts an empirical analysis of the employees’ experiences of the organizational culture, the prevailing leadership together with the
internal challenges that these factors create for the employees and the organization. Methodologically, the thesis makes use of qualitative interviews conducted with members of the organization in order
to analyze their experience of the culture and the leadership. Based on the empirical analysis, the thesis identified significant internal challenges. The main
findings about the culture include the formation of cliques and informal routes of communication, while the examination of the leader has shown the existence of relational leadership that is based on
the personal relations, the leader has to the employees. The full-time employees get to experience transformational leadership, while the part-time employees experience traditional transactional
leadership. Additionally, these findings affect the well-being of the employees and their commitment to the organization

EducationsMSc in Business Administration and Organizational Communication, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2019
Number of pages80