Organisational Culture and Leadership in Nursing: A Case Study of Gastroenhedens Intensive Observationsafsnit

Sophie Elene Weiss Johansen

Student thesis: Master thesis


Organisational culture is a complex phenomenon created as a result of interaction between manage-ment and employees. Today a good life is often associated with a good working life and this makes demands on leaders and organisations to create the best work environment for employees through organisational culture and practised leadership. By creating a certain culture, management can moti-vate employees, create an attractive workplace and thus increase retention. This thesis seeks to ex-plore the organisational culture and leadership within Gastroenhedens Intensive Observationsafsnit (GIO) at Hvidovre Hospital together with the internal challenges this culture may cause.
Initially, the thesis uncovers the fields of culture, leadership and working life of employees based on relevant literature. The theoretical analysis identifies understandings and dynamics within the three fields and explains how the thesis will make use of the theory.
Methodologically, the thesis makes use of qualitative semi-structured interviews conducted with nurses and the head nurse at GIO in order to analyse their experience of the organisational culture and leadership.
Next, based on phenomenology, the thesis undertakes an empirical analysis of the nurses’ experience of the organisational culture, the practised leadership and the internal challenges these phenomena create for the organisation.
Through the analysis, the thesis identified decisive internal challenges. The main findings about the culture include lack of opportunity to practice professional skills and a gap between experienced nurses and newly qualified nurses. The analysis of the leader/head nurse has shown a desire to practise transformational leadership, however, working conditions and personality are obstacles to this. These findings affect the employees’ motivation and commitment to the organisation.

EducationsMSocSc in Human Resource Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2020
Number of pages152