Open Innovation in Research Technology Organisations: A Qualitative Case Study of how Research Technology Organisations Can Improve Their Innovation Processes

Frederik Kruse Hansen & Sigurd Schinkel

Student thesis: Master thesis


This study of Open Innovation in Research Technology Organisations (RTOs) addresses contemporary issues in the Danish Research & Innovation realm through a qualitative study of two RTOs. RTOs develop, integrate and disseminate knowledge to SMEs and this study elucidates how Open Innovation can improve this process. The guiding research question is how RTOs can leverage Open Innovation in order to improve the innovation processes. The empirical data displays that RTOs can leverage Open Innovation to increase the novelty and quality of the knowledge and technologies inherent in the RTOs. They can do this by opening their external search to discover externally generated knowledge and combine it with the internal resources. RTOs should further develop a business model that facilitates a sustainable and organic outflow of knowledge by both commercialising internally and externally. While RTOs differ in their openness of innovation processes, both cases in this study does not seem to effectively balance openness in the inward and outward technology and knowledge transfer. By applying inbound and outbound Open Innovation perspectives this study extends existing academic literature about RTOs and contributes to practitioners by highlighting areas in which RTOs can increase their influence on SMEs and strengthen the Danish Research & Innovation realm.

EducationsMSc in Management of Innovation and Business Development, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2020
Number of pages114
SupervisorsChristoph Grimpe