Online Community Brand Engagement: The Unterlying Consumer Motivations And Resulting Consumer-brand Relationship

Annika Wohlert & Merle Nena Janiak

Student thesis: Master thesis


The purpose of this study is to investigate online brand communities hosted on SNS and aims to explain how and why consumers engage with sport-related branded entertainment. It is further aimed to get insights into the resulting consumer-brand relational outcomes. Using an abductive approach, a theoretical frame is suggested based on reviewed literature, shaping the followed multi-method qualitative study. In-depth interviews towards the single case of GoPro are conducted, supported by a netnographic content analysis of GoPro’s sport-related branded entertainment. A framework is developed describing the contextual components as well as psychological needs leading towards engagement in the form of consuming, contributing to and creating sport-related branded entertainment. Also resulting consumer-brand relational outcomes are included. The study is limited to the case of GoPro’s sport-related branded entertainment. Still, the resulting framework conception allows future studies to understand the connections and are encouraged to apply the study to further cases. The study reveals the importance and positive brand-consumer relational outcomes resulting from consumer engagement with sport-related branded entertainment and thereby initiates marketers and practitioners to this marketing strategy with a distinct focus on the consumers needs.

EducationsMSc in Brand and Communications Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2019
Number of pages363
SupervisorsLiana Razmerita