On the Radar: A Discourse Analysis of the Political Initiative to Strengthen the Danish Defence Industry

Trine Rosengren Pejstrup

Student thesis: Master thesis


Internationally rising defence budgets, an increasingly militarized Europe, warfare powered by artificial intelligence: the race to develop the future weapons of war is on and a surprising player has announced its partaking. For long, Denmark’s defence industry has flown under the radar, and the Danish production of high-tech drones, missiles, and military software has attracted limited attention. However, with the launch of the Danish Government’s national defence industrial strategy in 2021, the Danish defence industry not only holds the Government’s moral support but also significant growth potential. As the political initiative to strengthen the Danish defence industry is situated within a complex foreign policy context influenced by fast-paced technological development, this study is motivated to examine, how the Danish national defence industrial strategy informs and, in turn, is informed by the construction of Denmark’s identity in foreign policy. Through the application of poststructuralist discourse theory of Laclau and Mouffe and securitization theory of Buzan, Wæver, and de Wilde, the study finds that the discourse on the defence industrial strategy centres around the perception of a changing security landscape, a paradigm shift in security policy, and the defence industry as a national security interest. To this, the mutually reinforcing relationship between military technology and security policy development only increases the level of complexity of the reality the global community is currently facing

EducationsMSocSc in Political Communication and Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2022
Number of pages74
SupervisorsAyça Uyğur Wessel