Old-fashioned or Young with the Young?

Camilla Frydendal

Student thesis: Master thesis


The purpose of this thesis is to investigate how the Danish brand Adax, who sells handbags, can target young consumers. The focus is primarily on how Adax communicate their identity and hereof how the consumers conceive the identity. Thereby, the theoretical scope if this thesis embraces primary the theories about identity and image. The discussion has hereof unfolded some opportunities for Adax in order to ease the gap between Adax’s identity and image. The suggested solutions are not exhaustive and therefore more options could be found in further research. Even though the problem statement is investigated in a viewpoint where the methodology in this thesis is a single based study about Adax, the challenge that Adax is facing can be put in perspective for other companies. This could, for instance, be the Danish shoe brand Ecco and Swiss’ brand Sloggi.
There have both been used empirical primary and secondary data. The primary data is collected through one qualitative, in depth interview with a young consumer who was 17 years old and a survey with 240 female respondents in the age of 15-67 years. Both the qualitative and quantitative methods had the purpose to develop and challenge my preunderstanding of how the consumers conceive the Adax brand. The secondary data is primarily based on Porter’s Five Force by Michael E. Porter in the first part of the analysis. The second part of the analysis is based on John M.T. Balmer’s AC2ID model. Only the communicated and conceived identities have been applied in the analysis and the ideal identity has been used to present the suggested solutions in the discussion. Further theories have been used under each analysis to unfold the topics.
This thesis identifies that Adax does not get enough out of their efforts when communicating to young consumers. Therefore, Adax needs to strengthen its communication strategy in order to target generation Z and Y. The discussion suggests, among other things, that Adax needs to target the two generations differently. Further the thesis indicates that Adax could focus more on the company rather than the products and thereby Adax can market Adax with a branded house strategy. Another example from the discussion is that Adax needs to rethink whom they use as influencers. By doing some of the suggested improvements from the discussion, Adax will strength their image and thereby acquire young consumers.

EducationsMSc in Business Administration and Organizational Communication, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2019
Number of pages62
SupervisorsIrène Baron