Nomeco HealthCare Logistics

Jakob Troels Schultz

Student thesis: Diploma thesis


Nomeco HealthCare Loistics is a national and international outsourcing partner of the pharmaceutical industry within all areas related to health care logistics. Nomecos core services are central warehousing and associated administrative procedures. They also offer a range of other services developed to support the pharma industry – from manufacturing to distribution. Nomeco offers international competencies and act as the Danish as well as the Nordic service partner for a number of pharmaceutical companies. Nomeco is part of the Germany company Phoneix Group, which is present in 27 different counties in Europe. Nomeco and Phoniex Group have built a completely new warehouse for its industry directed division, and are thereby bringing their three warehouses together in one place. This is Phoenix Groups largest logistical investment to date, and the new warehouse cost 600 million dkk. Because of this investment, it has been crucial for Nomeco and the Phoenix Group to look further into how the new warehouse capacity could be utilized fully for its customers in pharmaceutical industry. This task will look into, how the market has grown and developed over the last three years. Furthermore, explore which competitive advantage the new warehouse will give Nomeco in the search for new potential customers. Finally, examine whether the investment of the new warehouse can be a profitable business compared to the size of the investment. Hereafter investigate what consequences it could have for Nomeco, if the potential growth of the new warehouse does not meet the expectations. In conclusion Nomeco will have a competitive advantage, when they begin to use their new warehouse. Because they are using the newest technology, which means minimizing manual processes and automating processes where it is possible. This takes Nomeco to a higher level when looking into quality, safety and cost-competitive, comparing to the competitors in the market. Resulting in their customers products being on saleable stock much faster and the level of mistakes if any, will be extremely low, because robots will do all the internally movements of the products in the warehouse. Nomeco and Phoenix Group has a strong value proposition, because of its respected know-how from the European, Nordic and the Danish market. Because of the large capacity Nomeco can keep their cost low and offer competitive low prices. This status also supports Nomeco in attaining new potential customers to their warehouse.

EducationsGraduate Diploma in Marketing Management, (Diploma Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2018
Number of pages85