Nature Scenery in Fast-fashion Advertising: An Eye-tracking Study

Gabrielle Marcel & Sofie Mølgaard Bach-Nielsen

Student thesis: Master thesis


Nature imagery has demonstrated to have a positive impact on people’s emotions, physiology and cognition. However, studies on nature sceneries’ effectiveness for fast-fashion advertisement remained unexplored. Based on environmental and evolutionary psychology theory, the present thesis analyses consumers’ responses to nature scenery featuring in fastfashion advertisement. The research is based on mixed methods employing eye-tracking as a tool to analyse the visual attention of consumers, as well as qualitative research examining their explicit responses towards nature imagery featuring in fast-fashion advertisement. From a consumer perspective, we seek to associate visual attention with consumers’ cognitive and emotional responses towards nature sceneries’ effect. The evidence from this study implies that both arousing nature and urban sceneries diminished the attention to the advertised clothes. The results also demonstrate that consumers pay more attention to the advertised product in connection to non arousing nature sceneries featured in fast-fashion advertisement e.g. a scenery displaying a lake and forest. Moreover, the study found that consumers respond positively to sceneries like a tropical beach or a mediterranean coast in that they trigger previous memories and experiences in connection to these sceneries such as travelling or hiking in the mountains. Additionally, people pay special attention to stimuli with bright colours, enhancing their memory of the overall advertisement. Consequently, the current thesis demonstrates and advances on how Scandinavian fast-fashion brands can leverage nature sceneries’ potential in generating creative and effective social media advertisements.

EducationsMSocSc in Management of Creative Business Processes , (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2018
Number of pages164
SupervisorsDaniel Barratt