Modeling Simulation and Optimization for Clinical Processes

Mehdi Benzehda & Sara Moreira

Student thesis: Master thesis


The thesis group started with the statement that patient procedures and patient flow are not coordinated enough with healthcare professionals workflow. Moreover, individuals’ preferences are often not taken into consideration in the scheduling of procedures for both patients and healthcare professionals. This results in an unoptimized patient pathway and in a loss of efficiency and efficacy for healthcare organizations, in addition to poorer outcomes for patients.
In this thesis was developed a mathematical model and an innovative prototype of algorithm which suggests different planning options for the schedule of care of a pediatric operating room with patients diagnosed with a congenital heart disease. The innovation proposed aims for a better coordination between patient flow and healthcare professionals’ workflow, while observing individuals’ preferences. The solution presented in this thesis aims for a better patient-centered care, formulated around Lean principles.
The results obtained from the mathematical model and the algorithm demonstrate that this innovation allows for the generation of optimized schedules, which is proven by the positive evolution of specific KPIs such as workers’ idle time or patient’s length of stay, and allowing for an increased treatment capacity for operating room. It was concluded that this innovation effectively increase the coordination of patient flow with healthcare professionals workflow, taking individuals’ preferences into account while being performable by hospitals.

EducationsMSc in Business Administration and Innovation in Health Care, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2019
Number of pages131
SupervisorsPedro Oliveira