Marketing Automation in a Consumer Perspective

Pernille Højte Sørensen

Student thesis: Master thesis


Today marketing automation is a marketing channel in large progress. Many companies are to a great extent replacing more traditional marketing channels in favor of the possibilities that comes with marketing automation. However, despite of the many advantages of the progressing channel, it seems that the opinions of the consumers are not being taken into big consideration. Marketing automation requires the use of personal information from consumers to create personalized content, which might be considered differently by consumers, that one might think. This uncertainty represents the foundation and motivation of this thesis. The purpose was to examine consumers attitudes towards delivering personal information and receiving personalized communication. This information will contribute to the setup of a model, showing which factors and underlying parameters that affect performance of marketing automation. Furthermore, another objective was to give a recommendation to the car industry on how to proceed in using marketing automation in the best manner. The starting point in the analysis was a search of theory and literature to be included, which was considered relevant for the subject of the study and would contribute with knowledge within the field. Furthermore, research of the use of marketing automation in practice was also performed to get a better understanding of the use in general and specifically in the car industry. From the knowledge that was gained, an interview guide was conducted, with the purpose of performing a qualitative study of selected consumers. The consumers opinions and statements, combined with the selected theory, resulted in the making of a model, that showed the parameters affecting the respondents perceived risk of providing personal information, their willingness to provide information and their reaction to personalized communication. These factors are expected to affect performance of marketing automation. To include another perspective to the model and the consumers attitudes, two interviews with experts was conducted to get a more practical opinion of the subject. Their recommendations were taken into consideration and contributed to a revision of the model. Lastly a recommendation was given to the car industry. Car dealers are strongly advised to consider the customer journey and life situation of the consumers, when planning and performing marketing automation activities. It is furthermore considered advantageously to use it both in attracting and preserving customers.

EducationsMSc in Economics and Marketing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2018
Number of pages90