Marketing as a Driver of Global Dominance for Danish Software Companies

Tony Mortensen

Student thesis: Master thesis


This master thesis, ‘Marketing as a driver of global dominance for Danish software companies’, discovers the importance of expanding from a local point-of-view to a global one for succesful Danish Software-as-a-Service companies in full-fledged growth on their local market. The study is on based state-of-the-art business-to-business branding and category design theory, changed and optimized to suit Danish software companies, and is embellished with a perspective of how buying behaviour have changed for business-to-business decision makers and what role trust plays. A single case study has been examined in order to validate the theoretical foundation in this thesis. The company is called Firmafon, and is a succesful danish software company that is eager to go global, define and conquer its category and build a global brand.
The study show that is absolutely imperative that Danish software companies apply a global branding and category design strategy if it wants to survive in the long run – eventually the king of a category will swallow up the competitors, as the customers will flock to the king, who takes the vast majority of the market cap. A method to reach there, is to follow a specific course of action, to involve the whole company, not just the marketing department, and to plan for an important lightning strike – an event that solidifies the new category and the crowning of its king. This meticulous planning is essential due to the immense day-to-day struggles of growth in a software company and the tug of gravity on the management and CEO. This makes creating and executing on processes an important support toward the seemingly impossible journey of becoming a global category king, although this seem to collide with culture and way of working in software companies. This study also investigates the massive new surge of changes in how business-to-business decision makers buy, how they think and what they value and need, and the importance of trust in business-to-business online transactions, and illuminates how to implement these trends into the strategic marketing of the company. Since the companies investigated in this master thesis are not startups, they simply cannot pivot towards a completely different product or value proposition that would risk losing them their Danish customers. Instead they must analyse the ins and outs of its Danish market position and customer base, and use this as a foundation for their global strategy.
So far, no comprehensive model exist for building a global brand and category for a Danish software company. The contribution of this thesis is the unique step-by-step model for how to conduct brand building and category design for a Danish software company, and hence a recipe for how to gain global dominance by the force of marketing.

EducationsMSc in Economics and Marketing, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2016
Number of pages106