Markedsanalyse af SIND

Jakob Clausen

Student thesis: Diploma thesis


SIND is a NGO with a broad and deep focus in the market for psychiatric illnesses in Denmark. The value proposition is high quality in education, support and negotiation power inherent in the focus point of the organization. The differentiation parameters are a high level of customer service and low social risk at a lower price than their competitors. SIND is experiencing stagnation in their market share. In the future this could potentially damage the vision and mission of the organization – namely to break down taboos for people with psychiatric illnesses and create relational societies for end users on the market. To prevent this stagnation from happening, SIND needs to widen its focus on new markets – also to obtain critical mass of business. The extensive market research came to the conclusion that the two target groups, mainly male Millennials age 20-39 and females between the age of 40 and 59 are of particular interest in a growth scenario. The lifestyles of the target groups are mainly traditional and with a societal and social concern. The NGO-market with regards to psychiatric illnesses is growing and in general characterized by a high level of competition. SIND is a market challenger and the strategy as a market challenger is to flank- and bypass attack the market – thereby serving and exploring new market segments and the charity submarket. As this approach is unexplored in the market, there are some “first mover” advantages for SIND. It is generally recommended to use the credibility of SINDs opinion leaders: Former head of state Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, vocalist Mathilde Falch and Chairman Knud Kristensen. Together with a re-design of website this move will facilitate the desired market expansion of SIND. The primary goal of the analysis focused on providing a new value proposition based on extensive market research. The new value proposition is a mix of the existing value proposition and a completely new one. SIND should still focus on high quality and a deep and broad focus. But to stay ahead of competition SIND should “overinvest” in remote meeting- and course technology to improve competitive edge in the future. In addition SIND should enter “blue ocean”-markets by focusing on ”Emotional/ Self-Expressive Benefits” together with ”Corporate Social Programmes”. SINDs branding is currently improving quality of life and existence, which leverages the “build” strategy for SIND.

EducationsGraduate Diploma in Marketing Management, (Diploma Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2020
Number of pages79