”Made in Denmark” in China: How to Improve the Danish Image and Develop E-business in China

Haibo Liu Cornow

Student thesis: Master thesis


The Internet is a technology used worldwide. E-commerce is a new business model and activity, based on Internet technology. Digitalization and e-commerce is a trend that all companies and organizations cannot avoid and where we as consumers are involved and contribute in this development.
This thesis is based on Eksportrådet's (The Trade Council’s) project "Den danske online pavillon" on the Chinese e-commerce platform Tmall.com to investigate why Danish companies in China should gather at "The Danish Online Pavilion" and how Eksportrådet (The Trade Council) builds Danish images to increase the Chinese consumers’ knowledge of Denmark and Danish products. I have chosen a deductive approach and used the selected theories to observe the e-commerce phenomenon from the general to the specific case study "Den danske online pavillon".
Through an information survey, observations on "Den danske online pavillon", interview with the project's main responsible person Casper Freddie, a Chinese consumer Ms. Wei Ji and a Danish company's export manager Ole Cornow and reading a number of literature, this thesis concludes, that Eksportrådet (The Trade Council) builds Danish images on the welfare society, green energy, new technology, clean environment, creative design, lifestyle and The world's happiest country, etc., to increase the Chinese's knowledge and trust in Denmark and Danish products. Exportrådet (The Trade Council) uses Denmark as a national brand and gather Danish companies on "Den danske online pavillon ", which can provide an official Danish identity and status.
Through examination of the case "Den danske online pavillon", this thesis has found that there are high barriers to entry for small Danish companies to participate at "Den danske online pavillon" at Tmall.com, although Exportrådet (The Trade Council) believes that all Danish companies should participate. Finally, this thesis proposed two alternative solutions for small Danish companies that would like to enter the Chinese e-commerce market.

EducationsMSc in Business Administration and Organizational Communication, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2017
Number of pages84