Leadership of Organisational Change during the Digital Transformation - in the Municipality of Aarhus

Christina Colberg & Emma Pescettini

Student thesis: Master thesis


This paper highlights the disruptive impact that technology has on the way organisations structure them-selves and how these disruptions require organisations to change.
In order to investigate how organisations, change due to the implementation of technology, the paper answers the research question: How can the Municipality of Aarhus lead the implementation of technologies, and which organisational changes are required?
To answer the research question, the following aspects are investigated:
• The external and internal factors influencing the reasoning for the change in the Municipality
• The steps required in order for the Municipality to implement the changes
• The organisational changes made today impact the organisational changes of the future
The methodology consists of qualitative research in the shape of semi-constructed in-depth interviews with employees and a partner to the Municipality. It has been found that the Municipality is changing because it sees a great benefit in technology and the possibilities that come with it. The Municipality wants to change from working with technology experimentally to working with technology on a greater scale in order to reach the benefits of sharing data.
The reason for change is rooted in both external and internal factors. The steps required for the Municipality to change consists of changing its structure, processes, and culture, in order to support the desired way of working with technology. It is discussed that the current literature on Change Management lacks the acknowledgment of technology as a driver of change. Furthermore, it is discussed that there is no clear answer to how the future of change will look. However, we can learn a great deal from investigating the past and the present (Hughes, 2010). Therefore, we suggest that future change should be seen as a loop, where technology impacts all aspects of Change Management. Thereby, the Municipality can champion change by leading and managing it through its structure, processes, and culture – partly with technology.

EducationsMSc in Business Administration and Organizational Communication, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2020
Number of pages255