Knowledge Management in the Development of 'We Love Reading'

Dyar Kashlook

Student thesis: Master thesis


This paper investigates the role knowledge management played in the development of the organization ‘We Love Reading’. The paper utilizes on the theory of social entrepreneurship, leadership, and knowledge management in order to understand the knowledge sharing and replication process of ‘We Love Reading’. It encompasses the theories to create a parallel between the knowledge management process of We Love Reading and its leadership style, when being a social enterprise. The methodology of this paper is based on the interpretivist paradigm and applies semi-structured interviews and observations, as a method to understanding how ‘We Love Reading’ manages their knowledge. Moreover, what knowledge management challenges they have encountered and how they overcame them. Especially, the paper analyses the influence that the leader of the organization had in overcoming the knowledge management challenges. The paper’s findings indicate that the organization uses both principles and templates in their knowledge management process. They have encountered knowledge management challenges based on the lack of knowledge management systems. Hence, the leader of the organization played an important role in identifying and supporting the people responsible for technological innovation in the organization. Moreover, the organization had a challenge when the workforce resisted the implementation of knowledge management systems. The organization was able to overcome this challenge by the transformational leader motivating the employees and creating trust, which is essential for the organizational communication and knowledge sharing process.

EducationsMSc in International Marketing and Management, (Graduate Programme) Final Thesis
Publication date2019
Number of pages95
SupervisorsKai Hockerts